how tend works

for unique ASSETS and experiences

  • Supply side: TEND sources unique assets and experiences, providing suppliers access to liquidity through unlocking of assets via tokenisation. First, we authenticate the asset through a process of due diligence. Then the asset is transformed into co-ownership shares and made available to customers on the platform.
  • Customer side: TEND gives its members access, through co-ownership, to precious unique assets with unprecedented „real-life-experience“ attached. The co-ownership shares can be reserved, bought, sold and bid between customers.

  • Partner side: Working together with top-notch service partners, TEND provide its members with the relevant information about each asset on the platform, and design and fulfil the real life experience promised.


TEND takes care of all associated services (e.g. insurance, valuation, maintenance, storage) together with our strong network of partners, ensuring a worry-free enjoyment of the asset and experience for you.

The platform is intuitive and easy to use, with complete and easily accessible information, and the toolset needed to conduct any type of action directly through the platform.

A dedicated concierge service, ready to respond to any question or service requirement you might have.

We do all the hard work, so all you have to do is invest and enjoy!


Data Security

All client data is stored physically in Switzerland and in full compliance with Swiss data protection laws.

Security Audit

Independent audits on our technology security, monitoring, infrastructure security and business continuity.

Quality Control

Rigorous commitment to reliable testing within a continuous release management.

Swiss Heritage

Trust, continuity and sophistication. The hallmarks of Swiss heritage transferred into the digital world.

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